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Spring Virtual Employment Skills Training

JobWise has partnered with DHS and Vocational Rehabilitation Services to now provide FREE virtual learning opportunities for students.

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All topics will be repeated each week. 


March 15th - 19th

March 29th - April 2nd

April 5th - 9th

Topics would include:


  • Students will learn about different careers from guest speakers from various industries.

  • Discuss job expectations to workplace etiquette and safety.

  • Students will learn about post-secondary options and life after high school.

  • Learn about the process of filling out applications and virtual interviewing.

  • Students will get the opportunity to hear directly from managers that hire.

  • This is a FREE employment training session and an opportunity students shouldn’t miss!

If you have not already filled one out a PARENTAL PERMISSION FORM is REQUIRED

To see topics covered, go to our Employment Skills Training section of our website.

      Funded by the Department of Human Services - Vocational Rehabilitation Services (WIOA Act)